“STUFF” (Information/Details)


Children 12 years and younger must wear a PFD-life jacket, we have a selection to fit most sizes.

Don’t forget your cameras, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Watch the weather, if the forecast is for high winds, rain and lightning we may have to cancel for safety concerns. We will work with you to reschedule at your convenience.

Depending on time of year it feels 10-15 degrees cooler on the water, dress in layers. Lap blankets are provided.


Drive time from Jefferson, Texas is approximately 25 minutes.
From Caddo State Park, we are just a 13 minute drive, 6.7 miles.
From Marshall, Texas, 30 minutes, 33 miles.
From Shreveport, LA, 55 minutes, 37 miles.
From Dallas, Texas, 2.75 hours, 174 miles.
From Houston, Texas, 4 hours, 240 miles.
From El Paso, Texas, 11.5 hours, 809 miles.
Toronto, ON, 19 hours, 1300 miles.
From San Francisco, CA 27.75 hours, 1800 miles
From New York City, NY, 27 hours, 1900 miles.
From Toronto, Canada, 35.33 hours, 2400 miles.
From Anchorage, AL, 68 hours, 4075 miles.
From Panama City, Panama, 66 hours, 4966 miles

If using Google Maps, be sure to enter the destination as “Mossy Brake Camp” or “449 E Sesame St, Karnack, TX 75611” You will then be directed precisely to our driveway.