Mossy Brake Camp Caddo Lake Swamp Tours

Mossy Brake Camp Caddo Lake Swamp Tours


Welcome! We invite you to experience our boat tours of Caddo Lake, the largest Bald Cypress forest in the world.  Come experience one of our private tours on the most natural, majestic, scenic lake in all the south. Contact Patrick, your guide, today @ 612-735-7625.  All tours leave from our private dock tucked away in the backwaters near Uncertain, Texas.

Tours are for individuals or groups up to 5 people on our 8′ x 21′ custom flatbottom boat. Its stable deck area makes it comfortable for passengers and easy to set up and move your photo/video equipment.

A Caddo Lake boat tour is the only way to immediately immerce yourself in this magnificent place. Bring your family, photography equipment, and video setup on a boat tour of Caddo Lake! From the shore, Caddo Lake is beautiful, but you catch only a glimpse of the otherworldliness that makes Caddo  Lake so compelling. Book a Caddo Lake boat tour and see beyond the shore, into the true mystery of Caddo Lake swamps. From alligators to eagles, from natural forest cathedrals tp secluded, barely navigable bald cypress swamp groves.Mossy Brake Camp Caddo Lake Boat Tours show you all! Our customflat bottom boat allows us to provide Caddo Lake swamp tours into some of the most mysterious parts of this world wonder. Your guide, Patrick, will have a good idea where and when to capture specific wildlife and/or dramatic scenery.


Do you want to know what a “brake” is and why it’s part of our name?