Mossy Brake Camp Caddo Lake Swamp Tours
Intersting, Exciting, and Unique Tours!

Intersting, Exciting, and Unique Tours!

For tours of 1 to 5 people. Our main boat of choice is an 8′ wide by 21′ long custom flat bottom. Tours generally run an hour and a half (90 minutes or so). For larger groups or families we have a pontoon boat that carries ten guests. We will try to accommodate the time you request. Your tour will begin and continue to carry you into the most beautiful areas of Caddo Lake as time allows.If you like, you can add extra hours or book in advance for a half-day or full-day trip.Whether you are a bird watcher or naturalist, you will be impressed with what this environment offers.
Approximately 1.5 hours
Sightseeing Tour $40 per adult $20 for kids twelve and under. With an $80 minimum.
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Book your group, up to five people, where we will catch the end of possibly a great sunset, then set off into the darkness as the night sets in. Bugs, frogs, gators, raccoon, deer, nutria, and a whole lot of other critters wake up as the night sets in. Every year numerous Bigfoot sightings occur on Caddo Lake. We will travel through backwaters and oxbows all draped in Spanish Moss for your chance of a Bigfoot encounter.
Approximately 2 hours
Bigfoot Tour for up to 5 people, $250

Specially customized tours for the serious photographer. Being on the lake year-round, Patrick can offer you some of the best landscape and wildlife settings on the lake. Our stable 8′ x 21′ custom flatbottom boat is equipped with rear downleg and front trolling motor for taking that $ shot. 
Approximately 2 hours
Starting at $150
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We understand you know what you are looking for and will try to accommodate your requests.

Children 12 and younger must wear a PFD-life jacket (I, II, III, or V life jacket). We have a selection to fit most sizes.
Don’t forget your cameras, sungalsses, and sunscreen.
Watch the weather. If the forecast is for high winds, rain, or lightening, we may have to cancel for safety reasons.We will work with you to reschedule at your convenience.Depending on time of year temperatures can be 10-15 degrees different on the water. Dress in layers.Lap blankets are provided.